Thursday, March 3, 2011


I just found this article from Topix. Read this one... What will you say?

Written by someone named Indonesian

I hate this goddamn stupid "third-world" country. I hate the lame government ruled by old moron people. I hate the stupid eastern culture that's going on in this country. I hate their hypocrisy about everything. I hate their idiotic electric company.
I hate their policies, monopoly, and their inconsistencies about everything they do (or what they told you they would do). I hate the fact that this country is POOR, and so their people are also POOR, poor in knowledge, poor in resources, both human and nature.
I hate the fact that everything is so god damn expensive down here, and don't tell me about the low-life-cost here. There's nothing cheap here for people like me. I hate their economical so-called-growth. I hate rupiah. I hate their internet connection that's so slow and weak and terribly expensive too. I hate that I was born in Indonesia.
I never wish to born here :(

Then, one of the readers left a comment...

"Everyday what I heard and watch are news about Indonesian slaughtering people. Papua, brutal murderer, riot, city of thief... I just can not walk proud as Indonesian anymore here. The world has stamped big letter of "Man slaughter" on Indonesian's head. I hate my country... I wish i could leave this place."

The other one said...

"Do something about it, moron, is your complaining changes anything? You are not different that smashing drum in the side of the street!"


Okay, enough. Now, I'm sitting in front of my computer with a simple-yet-bothersome question, WHY DO WE REGRET BECAUSE OF OUR NATIONALITY? I know we're too tired with a lot of creepy things that happen in our country. When you turn on your television and you see 'that' things again... Poverty, corruption, law, politic, economic, culture... Round and round again in your head. On the other hand, we sacrilege Malaysia for the plagiarism case, but actually, I envy my friends who live in that country. They live collectedly and peaceably with a good government and the bucking environment. Then, I start to compare both of them.
Finally, I realize something: I never do anything for my country. That's why Indonesia still walk on its blind site. Does Indonesia need our efforts? I think... Yes! We are rich, we have to dig the treasures with our selfmade. So, think again, Buddies, what do we regret most from Indonesia? Well, I'm standing on zero.

These are the clips I love to watch recently. Check the Radiohead's, Thom Yorke is dancing on that video. Agak nakutin sih, but forget it, dua jempol deh for the beautiful dance!

Have a good night, everybody!


  1. Saya belum cukup bangga dengan Indonesia. Namun, saya senang tinggal di Indonesia dengan segala kerumitannya... hahah

  2. Aku juga hahaha. But whatever it takes, I always try to love my country sincerely. Yang salah dlm arti kita belum maju kan sbnrnya bukan Indonesianya, tapi pemerintahan dan rakyatnya, bahkan kita sendiri. That's why, kita harus ngelakuin sesuatu :)

  3. Yup, that's right!!
    Lagipula, ngejelek-jelekin negara sendiri sama aja dalam bahasa kasarnya "nyumpahin negara itu sendiri" kan?