Saturday, February 26, 2011

Japanizing my world

Click! Koshka Asia

I really can't handle this! It's all because Susie Bubble who already shepherded me to go to this site. Her idea was very wondrous I think, she thought about why not many Japanese designers are well represented in Europe. Then, she built this fucking-wonderful-Koshka, huddled up a lot of Japanese designers. I would probably grab all of the stuffs if could, if I had enough money... But it seems like uuurrrggghhh! You should check the price! Breathtaking. But I believe, sometime I will grab many of them with my own money ~~~
So there are many designers that already joint Koshka Asia. They make an outfit with their favorite cutting, pattern, detail, and else. Actually, I always become a curious-cat everytime I see Japanese people's street style on many websites, kinda Harajuku or something like that. I think about WHAT ARE THEY THINKING ABOUT? HOW CAN THEY DO THAT? They don't play by the rules. They customize their styles uniquely without any defect! Seriously, never can stop slobber whenever I find a vintage kimono wore by an eccentric Japanese man or woman. クール!

My favorites are coming from...

Tsumori Chisato
I just love her designs that are shaped in a fascinating way. What do people usually call? Super 'kawaii'?

jazzkatze by Ayumi SUFU
The sea of floral keeps me choked. Ah-ma-zing!

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